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Tyres are one of the most significant elements for ensuring your safety while driving. So, get them checked out at a time and location that suits you. Wyer for Tyres & Mechanical is your go-to tyre-fitting and mechanical specialist based on the Redcliffe Peninsula.

✔️ All roadworthy safety certificates

✔️ Vehicle logbook servicing ✔️ Tunes ups  ✔️ Brake & clutch repairs ✔️ Suspension  ✔️HVRAS approved ✔️Air conditioning ✔️Tyres & wheel alignments 

✔️ Puncture repairs ✔️Buy & sell used vehicles


All makes, all models.

Why do you need Wyers for Tyres? 

Tyres are relied upon for many activities - so it is important you choose the right tyres perfectly for you.


Why is choosing the right tyres so important?

can be used for a multitude of activities, so they need to perfect for you. The durability of your tyres depends on how much time you spend on the road, your job, hobbies and the kinds of tyres you aesthetically desire. So, you need professional advice that is reliable and correct. 


How do you know if you have the right tyres?

You contact Wyers for Tyres.


The Wyers for Tyres team is highly skilled and experienced. We will ensure that your tyres will not only fit your car perfectly but also keep up with you and your lifestyle. The equipment we use here at Wyers for Tyres is Eagle SMF, who is Australia's leading supplier and installer of high-quality wheel alignment, balancing and tyre equipment. 

Our service extends but is not limited to, wheel alignment for car handling and general wear and tear from the road.